Join our countdown for National Organising Week (NOW)

Join our countdown for National Organising Week (NOW)

The countdown is on!

We are so excited to have started the countdown for this year’s NOW. NOW? Yes, the National Organising Week (NOW) organised by the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (APDO) from 5-11 November 2018. As a professional member of APDO, we’ve been helping individual across the UAE, Europe and the US to simplify their life by decluttering. 

Why declutter

We want you to make the most of your space, time, energy and money. You can’t do this when your your home and office are filled with clutter.

NOW will take place from 5-11 November 2018. November is a perfect month to declutter and organise before the end of the year, enjoy the Holidays and to begin the new year with more focus and clarity.

This years, NOW will aim to

  • inspire change for anyone who needs it
  • make life simpler
  • create a calmer home
  • manage time better
  • assist in finding professional help and support if required.

Decluttering gives you more time to enjoy what you like to do

How to declutter

Of course, everyone is different, you’ll say and we agree with you. Yes, everyone has a different style to declutter. Some prefer to take it slowly while others want to go to the other side of the spectrum and throw everything out. Whatever approach your prefer, work with that. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. The results won’t last and we want you to enjoy a decluttered life. With this year’s countdown, think about approach you prefer.

What to declutter?

Are you eager to taking the first step today? Or are you possibly a bit overwhelmed with everything around you? We will focus on different areas during NOW but if you want to stop the countdown and jump right in, here 3 suggestions to start your decluttering today:

  1. Spend 5 minutes clearing a cluttered surface. This could be your desk, dressing table, kitchen table, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Find a home for 5 items that are out on show and don’t need to be. Did you know that less visual distractions create a calm atmosphere?
  3. Next, get 5 boxes or bags (collapsible crates or pop-up laundry hampers are ideal) and mark them as follows to use whenever you have a clear-out session:

Rubbish: All stuff that’s too old, broken or worn to be of use.
Recycle: Any items in good repair but no longer needed that can be donated to charity
Relocate: Items that do not belong in the space you are sorting and need to be stored in a more logical location (the TV remote does not belong in the kitchen).
Re-home: Items that are needed but rarely used (remember that bread machine). Find a place to store them.
Retain: stuff to go back in the space you are clearing.

What’s your biggest struggle with clutter? Whether your dreading looking at that paper pile on your desk or walk past your guest room (aka extra storage room), tell us! We want to hear from you and give you and other readers practical tips to address the clutter in your life.

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