How to say good-bye to a friend who’s moving away

5 ways to send your friend off to their new adventure

Chances are you have a friend who moved to a different city since you’ve met them. If you’re in the Middle East, this chance seems to go up substantially and many families are using the summer to relocate. Earlier in the year, two good friends told me they’d be moving back to their home country. I was shocked! If you’ve met me, you know I can be built very close to the water and these days, can cry for every possible occasion (tears of joy included).

  1. Visit your favourite place together. Take a picture together to remember your fun times there. As they’ll probably have plenty to ship home already, this is a light good-bye present which takes up hardly any space.
  2. Write your friend a letter about your friendship.
  3. Throw them a farewell party. Having it in a restaurant doesn’t require much preparation, nobody needs to cook, however, may lack the room for personal good-byes. Alternatively, you or another friend could host the party in your home. Some friends leaving held a farewell party in their home where every guest had to help them finish what was left in their pantry.
  4. Send them a surprise letter to their new address. It’s not a good-bye, but what a great welcoming hello note!
  5. Don’t say good-bye, say until then. Good-byes sound final and these days, you can stay in touch with email, What’s App, Facebook, Skype, you name it. Schedule some time for a catch up call when your friend has settled a bit in the new place. Bring your usual drink to this date and listen to what’s happening in your friend’s life in their new location.

Even writing this post and thinking about saying good-bye… I had tears in my eyes and am dreading the actual farewell, despite knowing that they’ll be coming back to Dubai later in the year.

How have you said good-bye to your friends when they were moving out of town?

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