Don’t be scared – Halloween party planning can be fun!

HalloweenLast year, my friend and I spent Halloween in Tokyo. It was a fabulous trip to such a vibrant city. Forget the rumours about Tokyo being super expensive. You wouldn’t believe how affordable it was! The weather was mild and it was ideal for watching the different Halloween parades. I knew Japanese people loved their fancy dress and Halloween was no exception. Even some dogs were dressed up.

We’re now in October and Halloween is approaching. What are your plans for Halloween? Are you giving a party?

Here’s your party planning checklist with 13 tips for a spooky and stress-free party:

  1. Will your party be for kids, kids and adults or for adults only? If kids will be there, don’t make it too scary.
  2. Decide your theme. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out these 22 wicked themes.
  3. Pick the location. The weather is finally cooling down and there’s less humidity. Will you host your party inside or outside your home?
  4. Choose the date and time. Are you celebrating on Friday, 30 October or the actual day of Halloween, Saturday, 31 October?
  5. Invite your guests and track who’s accepted. It will make estimating the required food and drinks a lot easier. As always in this region, not everyone will reply. Will you call them up and check or just prepare more food and drinks?
  6. Prepare the food in advance if possible. Will you provide scary snacks or sweets like a Spider Cake? What’s the main course? Click here for more Halloween menus.
  7. Alternatively, order the caterer.
  8. Chose the drinks. Will you make a spooky punch with jelly worms in it?
  9. Get your party decorations (e.g. skeletons, ghosts, cobwebs or candles) and party gear (like napkins, plates, cups, utensils, tablecloth and serving dishes) from places like Party Centre. Will you need a carved jack-o-lantern? Supermarkets like Spinneys or the Ripe Market sell pumpkins in all sizes.
  10. Select an outfit. This may be the fun part! Shops like Creative Minds or Mystique Costumes carry a selection of different costumes. Feeling crafty to make a costume for your little ones? Have a look at these ideas.
  11. Don’t forget the music. Time Magazine created the best of list for creepy songs.
  12. Get the films if you’re hosting a hair-rising movie night. Classics like Friday, the 13th. The Exorcist, Poltergeist and Halloween make you scream. For some friendlier films, click here.
  13. Charge your phone or camera before the party starts. You don’t want to miss some great picture opportunities.

If you’re not in the mood to host or attend a party, check out these alternatives:

  1. Run for some fun at the Contagion Run. Will you be one of the humans running away from the Zombies? Or will you be a Zombie going after some human flesh? Who can run faster in this 5k race out at Nad Al Sheba on 30 October?
  2. Try one of these 8 restaurants offering special menus or events for Halloween.
  3. Or are you ready to dance the night away at Nasimi Beach (29 October)?

What excites you about Halloween? I’m sure the planning checklist will ease your party preparations and you can enjoy the celebrations. Share what you’re going to do for Halloween. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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