Control your space

Barbara Hemphill, the paper tiger lady, introduced me to the term S.Y.S.T.E.M.: Saving you space, time, energy, money. Space is such a valuable commodity these days. Just because you’re living in a house or villa, as they’re called here in Dubai, it doesn’t mean you need to have every inch of your home filled with items. Until now, I’ve moved about 25 times in my life and shipping boxes from one country to another becomes expensive. Although I’ve no intentions of leaving this beautiful city, I’m conscious of what I’m buying and often ask myself:

  • Do I need this product?
  • If I’m replacing something, let’s say a shirt, did I dispose of the ripped shirt or donated it if it’s still in good condition?
  • If I already have something similar, do I need another one of these?
  • If I just want it, do I love it?
  • If it wasn’t on sale, would I still buy it?
  • Can I afford it?

If any of these questions are answered no, don’t buy it. Save that money and look for an item you really need, want, love and can afford.

As my wardrobe space is also limited, you may suffer the same, I’ve introduced a rule. If I buy a new piece of clothing, I’ll get rid of another one. This is an easy way to prevent your closet from being overfilled and if your piece of apparel is still clean, in good shape and in fashion, donate it to a local charity. Other people will appreciate your gesture!

What are you going to change next time you’re shopping?

Have a lovely day,


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