Colours put a smile on you!

Do you know your colours?

Many women and more and more men are having a colour consultation done. Working with a Colour Me Beautiful consultant like me, they’re finding out which colours suit their individuality and bring out the sparkles in their eyes. Do you know which colours are your colours?

This weekend, I gave a colour consultation for a lovely young lady. She stuck to wear dark colours thinking loud ones weren’t for her. Showing her some brighter colours and how to combine them with her favourite jeans and LBD, she lit up so much! Her smile went from one ear to the other. It was incredible! Her entire body posture changed, too. You could see this newly found confidence jumping out of her embracing these beautiful strong colours.

In your office and at home, you can use almost any colour but would you also wear any and every colour? I don’t know many people who do.

Find our colours. These days, it’s a lot more common to have a colour consultation done and wear colours which enhance your style and personality. Trying out different colours and their effect on you, a consultant will identify the colours for you. Like with the client I described earlier, a lot of clients have put on bright smiles seeing their colours. And seeing themselves smile in the mirror, they found the courage to change their outer appearance, too.

Decide how much colour you want. Some of my clients were more than excited to experiment and add a whole new colour palette to their outfits. One client preferred the natural colour scheme and chose colours for her accessories. Nail polish was a fabulous way for her to show off some of her colours. Easy to apply, easy to remove and not to overwhelming for her.

Decide where you want to show off your colours. If you are intimidated by colour, you can choose outfits with a bit of colour. Think of a neutral top where a coloured motive has been added. The other day, I saw this gorgeous black skirt with white and fuchsia petals. Not overpowering and just enough to let the bright fuchsia shine through.

Don’t forget the accessories. Wearing the LBD with a black clutch or a sunflower yellow clutch are two very different outfits. It’s a small change with such a big impact! You can wear your colours with handbags, sunglasses, hats, scarves, belts, jewellery, nail polish… There are so many options to wear a neutral colour like soft white, navy, chocolate brown or pewter and change the look with your colourful accessories.

Don’t know what your colours are? Want to gift a colour consultation to your friend? Contact me to find out more or arrange your own session.

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