Why you need a trusted pet sitter

How to find the right care for your pet

Spring break is almost here and many families will be using the next 2 weeks to spontaneously go away for a few days. How great would it be to spend a long weekend on the beach, playing with the kids in the pool or finally reading that book? While hotels have plenty of specials for you and your children, your furry family members will have to stay at home. But who will look after your pets?

Are you going away for just a night? Your cats could probably stay at home for just one night if you provide them with plenty of water and also leave out enough food. In case you’re delayed, who could look after your pets and ensure they’re fine? You may want to leave a key with a friend or neighbour.

Travelling for longer? Or have pets who can’t be on their own for a night? Perhaps your furry family members can stay with a friend or neighbour. But do they have the time to look after your pet throughout the day? Generally, they’re also working and pre-occupied with their own daily life, squeezing in your pet, hopefully loving the time with them.

One of my friends had her brother look after her cats while travelling over the summer. Her brother was happy to help, yet, struggled with it – he has a severe cat allergy letting him spend only a very limited amount with the cats.

This is not an ideal situation. Neither for you or your pet or your friend! Luckily, there are two alternatives: a kennel and a pet sitter.

The kennel. These days, kennels have become 5 star hotels for your furry friends. Offering even swimming pools for dogs, kennels are designed to give your pet a home away from home. With staff, sometimes including a vet, looking after them around the clock, your pet is to enjoy their holiday from you. Knowing that their pet is amongst other pets is often a consolidation for owners. Some kennels offer live streaming, giving the owner a chance to see what’s happening right now!

All this is not a cheap option. The high cost of staying in a luxury pet hotel is simply not feasible for pet owners travelling for long periods or with more than 1 pet.

The pet sitter. Looking after generally just one pet, a pet sitter can give all their attention to your furry friend. The pet sitter usually comes to your home, allowing your pet to stay in their usual environment and avoiding any disruptions for your pet. Rescue pet owners are often concerned about the stress their pets go through before a holiday.

Pet sitter share your love for the furry friends and had or still have their own pets. Some may thus pet sit from their own home too. A pet sitter may have taken out special courses to provide first aid or is working together with a vet to ensure they’re prepared for medical emergencies. All in all, their rates are generally lower than those of kennels.

Pet sitting

In addition to caring for your pets, some pet sitters also look after your indoor plants or your entire house and any staff while you’re enjoying your holidays. Yet, not everyone wants to have a stranger in their home and it’s important to work with a qualified and trustworthy pet sitter.

Whether you chose a kennel or pet sitter, request references from previous clients and review the fine prints. If it comes to your pets, your babies, you need to know they’re in good hands while you’re away!

How do you get that peace of mind when it comes to your pets and travel?

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