Try something new

Try something new this week

Which new place, food, activity will you explore?

This is the week to try something new. Friends from the UK are in town and it’s our excuse to explore new spots. We visited La Mer, a beautiful new beach, tried some new curries and last night was dedicated to my first open house gallery.

I met Jessica Watson Thorpe, a professional fine artist, at Micropolis last year. Micropolis is a local movement for small business owners to connect and exchange ideas. That particular meeting was the first one for both Jessica and I to attend and we both shared so many stories. Being a creative, she was living the opposite of my daily bread – bringing structure to my clients.

When Jessica invited me to her exhibition at home, I was excited to see her work live! It’s one thing to see a wonderful painting in a photograph. To see it in person is even more mesmerising. Jessica’s house also mirrored the location for many movie sets. It was absolutely fabulous!

My eyes were loving the vibrant colours, the harmony and structure (yes, structure) while taking in the free flow of the paint brush. Parts reminded me of art we adored in Australia. Paintings with the mosque mixed the local elements with a gorgeous blend of colours.

We keep moving forward Try something new

This weekend, we’ll go to a polo match, something neither of us has seen before. It’s going to be so nice to spend time outside with this gorgeous weather and see the interactions between horse and rider.

As we’re getting ready to start another week soon, what will you try out? Will you try out that recipe you’ve looked at all week or visit a new theatre film? Will you show your kids a new game or create an art project? What will you try? Share your impressions with us afterwards! We’d love to hear, see and/or read what you tried.

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