Remain strong during unexpected events

Remain strong during unexpected events

Feeling overwhelmed by an unexpected situation?

This week was full of unexpected events! Each day seemed to trump the events from the previous day. I certainly did not foresee any of these. At times, it was like an explosion went off and others brought the greatest joy (like that new contract we won at OLAM!). If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably experienced the full spectrum of emotions in one day, too. Yes, it was like a rollercoaster ride!

Here are our top 5 tips to remain strong when experiencing an unexpected situation:


So often, we get overwhelmed by what we don’t know. Doing specific breathing exercises can reduce the feeling anxiety and stress.

Recognise your emotions and reflect on them unexpected events

Keep an emotion journal

As you write down what happened during the unexpected event, take some time to also reflect how you felt. What emotions did you experience? How did the situation make you feel? What surprised you, about yourself and how you managed during the unexpected episode?

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Research at Columbia has shown that moving the view from a negative one into positive terms helps to regulate the responses and stay strong during unexpected events. Adopting this positive outlook on the unknown increases resilience. As you are writing in your emotion journal, you can also ask yourself: What can you learn from this experience? How can you make this (potential overpowering) situation into something you can benefit from?

Plan your actions

Knowing how you’ll address this unexpected situation puts you back into the driver’s seat and let’s you take control again. Decide whether you can take a course of action on your own or whether you’ll get others to help you. As a next step, you can set your strategy. Will you address the situation full on? Are you more mindful or your resources and prefer to divide and conquer?

SHe wasn't looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword unexpected events

Fuel your body the right way

Load up on healthy nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, snack on nuts and eat more fish instead of meat.  Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of (infused) water or herbal teas. Get moving and exercise. Whether this is going for morning swim, a walk during your lunch break or meditate after work. Get plenty of sleep.

As we’re getting ready for the weekend, I hope that my week of unexpected events is already over. There’s been enough for an entire month (year?!) and still, I know they’re teaching me so much more than I can see today.

What’s been an unexpected or unforeseen situation for you this year?

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