Supporting working parents during COVID-19

Supporting working parents

How working parents can keep safe and sane during COVID-19

Are you a working parent juggling working from home and crisis schooling? It’s not easy! We recognise that. So when was the last time you gave yourself credit for what you are doing now? Probably never. That’s why we recognised the achievements of working parents and shared our tips for working parents on a webinar with The Coach Link and Pam Durant last week.

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Working from home – 12 new tips to make it work for you

How to survive the next while working from home

How many weeks have you now worked from home? For me, it’s week 5 or is it 7? It all becomes a blur after a while. Speaking with friends and clients, we’re also hearing about their struggles. While some are used to regularly working from home, the situation can be overwhelming. We’ve collected 12 additional tips for you to feel less stress and anxious and enjoying greater feeling of control.

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10 Tips for your wellbeing when working from home

10 wellbeing tips

How to create and maintain your very own wellbeing

Are you now working from home? How is that transition going for you? For many individuals, it’s a new way of working while for those in international teams may already been used to it. If there weren’t also everyone else in the family at home, too. The government announced that schools will be closed until the end of the school year. Depending on your kid’s age, you may find juggling everyone under the same root stressful. Potentially also feeling overwhelmed, it’s now more than ever important for you to look after your own wellbeing.

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