What's your why

What is your why?

Why? Why? Why?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why am I doing this? Is this working? Will this make a difference?

If you have a child, their constant why’s can drive you up the wall. Yet, their questions are looking to understand the reason behind something.

Simon Sinek is asking this question – a lot! You may have heard of him as being a wonderful motivational speaker. Or you may have even seen his viral TED talk “Start with why”. If not, do take the time and watch it.

What’s your why?

Understanding your why will not only help you move to how and what. It will keep you motivated and aligned to your values. How often are you wondering how come you’re caught in the rat race? You may stay in that dull job because it lets you finish early and spend more time with your family. Perhaps you work on that crazy project because it will give you the exposure to move into your dream job. Maybe you watch your spending very carefully so you send your kid to that extraordinary private school. Or you want to be more organised since you see how the mess around you makes you physically and mentally sick.

After you’ve watched the video, ask yourself: What’s my why?

Move to the how and what

As you know your why, you can  prepare to how you’ll achieve it. Be SMART about how you approach the what, the specific actions you’ll take to achieve your ultimate goal.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Just like that, break down the how and what to make it easier for you. After all, you don’t want to let go of your overall goal.

Identify your why for your organising

You have been making progress in your decluttering and organising journey. Congratulations!

Letting go of our belongings can be exhausting and you know it. Everyone is different in their attempt to be more organised. Heirlooms, special memories, attachment, it’s not easy.

So ask yourself: What’s my reason to keep decluttering and organising?

I’ve love to hear what’s motivating you. Will you share it in the comment box below?

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