How to take the Stress out of Moving (Part 2)

Congratulations! You’ve found your new home, decided on the moving day and are… anxious about the stress over the next few weeks? Don’t be! In the last post, I’ve helped you with an easy checklist: Things you need to do in your current (old) home before the moving day. Now, let’s focus on your new home. These tips will help you stay organised and relaxed during such this major event.

Get your new home ready before the move:

  • Do a handover with your new landlord and get the keys. Walk through all areas and note any cracks or damages on the walls, tiles, built-ins and bathroom.
  • Obtain your moving in permit.
  • Connect your utility supplies (water, electricity, gas, rubbish/garbage collection, sewage). In Dubai, contact DEWA. Connect Dewa (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) to submit the application form and deposit payment. You’ll need to provide a copy of your tenancy agreement and your passport plus residence visa.
  • Check that the water is running and the appliances and the AC properly working. If not, you want to contact your landlord, your utility supplier and DEWA to fix it.
  • Find out which telecommunications provider (du or Etisalat) services your area and connect your phone, internet and TV.
  • Arrange for a proper deep clean scrub of all areas of the house. This includes appliances, fridge (disinfect it, too) cupboards and built-ins. You may want to use this opportunity and also change the toilet seats.
  • Keep a towel and soap in your new guest bathroom. Few things are yuckier than having dirty fingers and nowhere to clean them.
  • How are you going to arrange your furniture? A new home, a new layout? If you have the floor plan, you can place your furniture on paper.
  • What new accessories like curtains do you need? Do you need them before moving in?

Moving Day:

  • Instruct the movers where the furniture goes. Have the boxes moved into the appropriate rooms. This will reduce the amount of lifting you’ll have to you and will make unpacking easier.
  • Have first day essentials like wet wipes, kitchen roll, rubbish bags, scissors, a small first aid box, toilet paper, broom and dustpan, tools like a hammer, screwdriver and nails, some snacks, a bottle of water and some plastic cups in your new kitchen. If you have kids, bring some toys or books along. Is a mobile charge considered an essential yet?
  • Again, stay hydrated. Take breaks and drink some water. Your body will thank you!
  • In the evening, treat yourself and your family. Book yourself in for a massage. Go out for a meal. You’ll need some time to relax!


  • Will your movers unpack your boxes or do you do it?
  • Arrange the furniture first, then unpack. It will help you envision how the room will look in its final state.
  • Put sheets on the beds. At least, you can fall into bed after a long and exhausting day and get some quality sleep.
  • Unpack the other boxes room by room. One room unpacked gives a great feeling of accomplishment and is better than 4 unfinished rooms.
  • If you’re going to unpack yourself, consider unpacking the kitchen boxes first. It’s the easiest room in the house to bring back to normality. Most furniture is built in. China goes near the dishwasher, pots, spices and oil near the oven. Best of all, you can start your next morning with a nicely fresh brewed cup of coffee.
  • Decide which room you want to tackle next. Be careful with your back when lifting heavy boxes.
  • Remember to take breaks!

When is your moving day? Share with us how’re getting on and what has helped you the most. I’m looking forward to hearing about your moving experience!

Enjoy settling and living in your new home,


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