Clothes make the man

Have you ever tried out a new sport, all geared up to like the other athletes and yet, not having a clue what you needed to do? Did you look the part? Ready to participate, ready to play? It’s so easy to appear like the other sports people. Just buy the running shoes, the golf skirt or yoga pants and you’re in it.

But what happens when you know how to play but aren’t dressed accordingly? In certain sports, you may not be able to participate. Quickly put on the different gear in the changing room and off you go.

Yet, there are other areas in life, where you can’t quickly change.

I’m thinking of previous clients who had their eyes set on that promotion, the next step in their professional career. They knew their field inside out. They performed well and were respected by their boss, team and customers. Everything was right. Yet, they weren’t considered for that promotion. Why? Because their appearance didn’t fit that next level within their organisation.

You might think that’s harsh. Just tell them to put on a different suit and the problem is fixed. If you don’t have to wear a uniform like in a hospital or in a restaurant, your dress sense is also a reflection of you. Who you are and what’s important to you.

Clothes are your brand. Whether you’re into high end, custom-made suits, dramatic colours or natural fabrics, each garment contributes to your image. What do you want to say with your clothing?

Other people will perceive you by what you are wearing. Imagine you’re working in a law firm and you’re wearing baggy trousers with a shirt only tucked in half way. The image you’re giving away is that you don’t care about how you look. Who says you’ll care about the work you do?

Dressing for the part makes you appear more professional. In the example mentioned above, would a client take you seriously? Probably not. If you can’t even dress yourself, how can you have their best interests in mind? The trust in your abilities and knowledge is gone.

Wearing the right clothes and colours makes you more confident and boost your mood. It’s been proven that knowing what colours make your eyes shine and which outfits complement your body type, boost your confidence and makes you more assured. You’re now wearing your clothes and your confidence!

As a trained colour me beautiful consultant, I can advise on the colours which bring out the best in you. Together, we can shop your wardrobe and put together new combinations most suitable for you. Alternatively, we can look for new pieces for existing wardrobe in the mall. If you’re interested in a consultancy, please contact me. I’d love to work with you.

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