55 Activities you can do for (almost) free

55 Activities you can do for (almost) free

What’s your favourite weekend activity?

“What are we going to do this weekend?” How often have you scratched your head, finding a cool and fun activity? We love to explore what the city holds for us, yet, some of the prices are just too much. To save you this hassle, we’ve created this list of 55 activities you can do for (almost) free!

  1. Go to a book reading at your local bookstore
  2. Practice yoga in the park
  3. Get your paint out and colour
  4. Go for a walk in the park
  5. Invite your friends over for a movie night (or do the same for your kid and their friends)
  6. Explore your city using the local metro or bus system
  7. Have an indoor snow fight with old paper crumbled up
  8. Explore a museum
  9. Attend an art exhibition at a gallery
  10. Create a scavenger hunt for your kids
  11. Read your book in the park
  12. Have a quiz night (remember Trivial Pursuit?)
  13. Host a games night
  14. Visiting the falcon hospital
  15. Go to the zoo
  16. Work out on the exercise court
  17. Volunteer for a local organisation
  18. Walk along the beach
  19. Have a picnic with your friends in the park
  20. Take the jeep for a spin in the desert
  21. Donate your old clothes
  22. Cut up and freeze the vegetables you got at the market
  23. Sunbather on the beach
  24. Go for a swimHave a water fight 55 activities
  25. Play some badminton or table tennis
  26. Take your neighbour’s dog for a walk
  27. Organise your pictures from last month
  28. Remove some weeds
  29. Camp in your garden
  30. Sing karaoke
  31. Write a postcard or letter to one of your friends in another city
  32. Host a games night
  33. Fly a kite
  34. Cook together
  35. Attend a workshop at a store or inside the mall
  36. Have a water fight with balloons or the water hose
  37. Dance to your favourite songs
  38. Plant some seeds
  39. Create an indoor garden
  40. Build a Lego castle
  41. Check out the latest arrivals at the library
  42. Take ride on an abra
  43. Make your own manicure
  44. Make a scrapbook
  45. Bake a pie
  46. Create a bonfire
  47. Watch the stars
  48. Make your own pizza
  49. Build your own fort (indoors or outdoors)
  50. Watch a movie in your garden
  51. Call your parents
  52. Ride your bike
  53. Listen to a local live band
  54. Spend time with an elderly relative or neighbour
  55. Re-pot your plants
  56. Play a ball sport

For the last 2 weeks, we’ve met friends for coffee and walked across the beach. It was fantastic to soak up some warm rays of sunshine and just catching up. This weekend, we’ve a number of activities planned: We’ll go for another long walk, take out some more Lego (a 3,000 piece project isn’t big enough!) and maybe listen to a live band in the evening.

What activities are you going to do this weekend? Send us a picture of what you’re doing!

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