Recharge your batteries

Recharge your energy – Part 2

How did you get on tracking your energy levels over the last week? Were you able to complete last week’s energy tracker or did you fall asleep after a long, exhausting day? It’s time we’ll get to remove the energy vampires in your life and let you recharge your batteries.

Set boundaries

Energy vampires have this talent of pushing other people around, making them small or using guilt trips to get what they want. Argh! It sounds exhausting even writing this sentence. There’s so much negativity attached to these energy vampires.

Don’t let them push you around! Or tell you what to do! No more!

Establishing boundaries is one way to stop those people from draining your energy levels. If they are asking you to meet for a coffee or go for dinner after work, politely decline their invitation. We’re still in a pandemic and, if you are anything like me, you’ll carefully choose who you want to meet in person.

If they are calling you, state how much time you have. If you are in the middle of something, you may want to talk for 10 minutes max and share it with the caller. As you’re getting closer to the 10 minutes, remind them that you need to go. Stop them, if needed and say your good byes before hanging up. It sounds harsh, yet it’s effective.

Adjust your expectations

So often, we feel disappointed because things didn’t go as we had planned. How often did you hear someone say “We need to manage their expectations”? I hear it probably once a week and it’s challenging to not have any expectations.

Energy vampires may lean on you for help. If you notice that they are sucking the life out of you, helping them may intensify that feeling even more. While you can’t offer them any help, recognise that you can’t ask them for help either and find other supporters.

Recharge yourself

Walk away from the drama

All too often, energy vampires create unnecessary drama and pull everyone around them in it. Sounds familiar? Yup, I’ve been there, too. Unfortunately!

Start walking away. In every sense of this expression. Get on your feet and walk. If it’s in your office, you may need to refill your coffee mug.

Personally, I prefer bio breaks. They work whether you’re in a meeting at work or when meeting a friend. It buys you a little bit of time and lets you take a few deep breath. There are nowadays also plenty of mindfulness activities you can do in one minute.

Spend time on activities you enjoy

We all have some hobbies and activities we love no matter what. This could be burning off extra energy in the gym, painting with acrylic paint or working in the garden.

To recharge your depleted batteries, treat yourself to some me time. I’ve heard it so many times. “I can’t! There’s so much to do.” Well, you can’t look after others or complete the many tasks on your to-do list if you don’t have the energy. Take care of yourself and set some time aside for what you like.

Pour empty cup

Recharge with individuals you enjoy being around

We all know those people who just cheer us up, who inspire us and who make us feel good about ourselves. Spend (more) time with those individuals.

At the moment, you may wish to limit your face-to-face time with your immediate family. Arrange for a Zoom call and do an activity, like baking bread or preparing the same dinner, with your friend. Move your book club online and we all know of how Matthew McConaughey even moved bingo to Zoom. It may not feel the same, it can still bring you joy!

What’s your go to recipe to recharge your batteries?

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