Depleting energy levels

Are your energy levels depleted?

Refuel your energy – Part 1

On weekends, I’ve a little routine of having a coffee and scrolling through LinkedIn. Then, there was this post by Sean Hall. Sean focuses on mental health and wellbeing and has shares some fascinating insights. His TEDx talk on having more energy hit me: Our energy levels are depleted!

Of the 7,000 professionals he has assessed, women feel they only have energy 48% of the time. Men barely make it above the half mark with 51%. Those are scary statistics! How much energy do you have?

What’s depleting your batteries?

Could you identify the energy vampires in your life?

Your job, your boss, your colleagues? The frustration with your lack of professional or personal development? The dread of having to remote school in a few weeks again? And just how will you manage it all?

The pressure of having to keep some people in your life? Friendships that you know are over but for some reason, you try to maintain them?

Little annoyances or maybe bigger ones like traffic jams? What other people posted on social media?

The super critical relative? Unrealistic expectations of managing it all? All the time?

Are you game?

Are you willing to try something for just one week? Fantastic! Track your energy on a level from 0 (“I can barely keep my eyes open”) to 10 (“I’m like the Duracell bunny full of energy”) in this chart:

What depletes your energy

Click here for printable tracker. Do you notice something in particular when your energy levels change? If so, note it down, too.

Reflect on your energy levels

At the end of the week, have a look at the chart. What do you see? Here are some questions that help can you make sense of the numbers:

  • Did you have the same amount of power during the entire week?
  • Are there specific days (e.g. Wednesdays, weekdays) or times (e.g. afternoon) when you felt more energised?
  • Are there specific days (e.g. Wednesdays, weekdays) or times (e.g. afternoon) when you felt less energised?
  • What happened on the days you felt more energised?
  • What when you felt less energised?

The biggest question:

Are you surprised seeing your levels?

I can’t wait to read what you’ve discovered about yourself in just one week. Will you share your insights in the comment box?

Next week, we’ll continue with our little mini series and I’ll show what you can do to get back in control of your life!

Until next time,

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