Get ready for Spring Clearing Cleaning Week 2018

The secret of a successful spring clean

Let’s get ready for Spring Cleaning

Spring Clearing Week is almost here! Yes, it’s clearing, not cleaning! From 24-30 March 2018, we and other members of APDO Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers are in a bid to help the nation remember to take stock of their stuff at least once a year!

No desire for cleaning?

Research by MoneyMagpie found that 50% of the UK population has ditched the traditional spring clean citing a lack of time, apathy and the on-going cleanliness of the home as their reasons for doing so. We’d like to bet that the figures in this region would be very similar. Just think how busy you are!

Together with other APDO members, we are keen that you don’t miss this chance to clear the decks of any physical and mental clutter. APDO has launched Spring Clearing Week in 2018 to show you the benefits of an annual inventory.Spring Clearing Cleaning Week 2018

What are we doing?

We will be helping the public to declutter and clear out after the winter months. Get ready to revitalise their environment with renewed energy and vibrancy. So, we’re holding a free afternoon coffee information session next week. Come by and ask your questions. Check our Facebook site for more details.

Spring Clearing Week is a great chance to review priorities for the year ahead. After almost 3 full months into 2018, why not pick up any lapsed new year’s resolutions? Use this week can help you identify whether the environment in your home is supporting you to achieve your goals.

Katherine Blackler (SortMySpace Ltd), APDO head of partnership says: “APDO wants to harness the optimism felt by individuals at this pivotal time in the year when the clocks spring forward. We’re excited to launch Spring Clearing Week this March and see how we can encourage and inspire the public to tackle their spaces to make 2018 their best year yet!”

If you are ready to tackle your Spring Cleaning and would like two helping hands, contact us.

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