What really matters (part 2)

What really matters (Part 2)

Living your life according to your values

It’s crazy how each week of 2018 seems to have a specific theme for me. The first week was all about purging and creating order. Last week then revealed a number of surprises, hence the blog about what really matters. Unfortunately, the second part is only ready now. “Delays” is the theme for this week and I’ve encountered IT issues that left even my support team speechless. I’m so excited to finally share this post with you!

Throughout the week, my technical issues created a whole new kind of frustrations and irritations. Did I ever mention I’m not the most patient person? Well, you know it now! At the end of each inner outbreak, I had to remind myself: This does not matter!

Understand what’s important for you

My upbringing gave me a few values along the way: Fairness and justice are big ones in my house. Over the years, I’ve become more aware about the degree independence, flexibility and financial freedom matter to me. There are others which have decreased in importance and that’s okay.

Do you know what matters to you? If you haven’t taken a values test yet, look at your calendar and your purse. What do you make time for? What do you spend money on? These are two very simple ways to get a broad overview of what is important to you.

Understand it’s about you

So many feel we have to be aligned with our friends, colleagues and neighbours. I disagree! Your values and beliefs are for you and you alone. This is your life and no one else is living it for you. So why would you live by someone else’s values?

Some of my coaching clients have felt annoyed, irritated and frustrated. They couldn’t identify the causes of these feelings… Until they discovered they did not live their life, but were pleasing other people. They did not live their life according to what mattered to them, but what mattered to others.

One's life has value so long

Prioritise more of what matters to you in your daily life

Jeff Goins states we already prioritise by our choices, yet, so many of us feel conflicted. I’ve been there and it’s likely you’ve been there, too.

If being physically active is important to you, make the time for your workouts. Put your lunch time squash session into your calendar to avoid your colleagues using the time for yet another team meeting.

A great activity to add more of what matters to you is by creating your ideal week. Michael Hyatt introduced me to this exercise a few years ago. It’s simple and so effective. Draw out your ideal week by mapping out the different elements in your life. Categories can be sleep, getting ready in the morning, commute to work, work, running, cleaning the house, family dinner and time spent with friends, for example. Reflect at your actual week. Where do you see disconnects? These are the areas which may lead to a certain degree of dissatisfaction.

Values support your goals

As many use January for a “New Year, New You”, goals can get that extra push when they are aligned to your values. If family matters to you, your goal may be to spend more time with your children. Have a game night once a week to not only realise this goal but to make it a habit.

Experience a shift in your overall (well-)being

Living according to what matters to you gives you higher life satisfaction. Everything else will fall into place. While little drama moments may still exist, you can notice a mindset shift. You can give more of your energy to what matters to you as you’ve cut out or reduced the other elements. Consequently, you gain more energy to pursue your passions even more and experience more gratitude and fulfilment. Isn’t that worth living for?

If you have made changes to your life after discovering your values, what was the biggest surprise to you? I’d love to read your comments!

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