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When I looked for a title for this blog post, I had some ideas and googled for some inspiration. The Free Dictionary sealed the deal for me. It gave an example for getting things off the ground: “When we get this event off the ground, we can relax”. Isn’t relaxation what we want?! I took it as a sign and carried on!

If you are looking around your house, are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Do you feel relaxed? If not, win some ground by picking things up from the floor. It’s amazing how calming removing a few pieces will be. But why is this the case?

When your house is just covered with stuff everywhere, making space on the floor allows you to take ownership of your home again. Seeing the difference which this small action makes gives you the psychological boost to continue with your decluttering and organising journey. In Feng Shui, cluttered floors are also seen as pulling your energy down.

Here are 3 quick ways which keep you motivated and show results fast:

  1. Try the pick up 5 things You chose what you pick up and put away, yet, it needs to be 5 items.
  2. Set a timer for just 5 minutes. Pick and put away as many items as you can during this time.
  3. Fill a trash bag. Go around your home and collect everything that you no longer want. Throw it out!

Now that you’ve started, here are 3 practical solutions to keep things off the ground in your home:

If your floor is the dumping ground for your dirty laundry, use a laundry basket (or multiple) and put your laundry in them. It gets it off the floor and makes the walk to the laundry area much easier.

In your kids’ room, start a new rule of picking everything up before the little ones are going to bed. A toy storage bag can double function as a play area which you simply pull up when done and it keeps toys safe at night.

In your garage, remove things from the floor for safety reasons. Using vertical storage can help you see things a lot quicker.

Are your floors clear off things (expect furniture, of course)? Can’t wait to see them and live in a more organised and cleaner house again? I’d love to work with you and give you the relaxing home you deserve. Contact me here.

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  1. Amen! The biggest pain point in my house for stuff on the ground is right by the back door where everyone takes their shoes off! It is a nightly routine that everyone pick up their shoes and bring them to their rooms to put away in their closet. If there are shoes left behind, they owe our money jar $.25 for each pair of shoes left! Thanks.

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