Complete your countless projects

By using index cards for your projects

Do you keep a “honey to-do list”? A list of all the projects you want your partner to complete? Like putting up shelves in the pantry or creating a flower bed in the garden? Or maybe you have your own list of projects?

A few years ago, someone introduced me to organising and completing the projects on your to-do list with index cards. Whether you’re bored and don’t know what to do or you just gained some free time, you simply pick up one of the index cards and work on it. Sounds too simple? It actually is:

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Save time in 2017

Free up time for things you love!

This was a busy week! It was filled with 2 days travelling, another full day event with a local client plus studying for my professional certificate. 28 February is the deadline and having that date fixed, time’s running fast! Last night, I almost lost it looking around the house. It was all messy, stuff everywhere. It’s the worst feeling when you’re exhausted, don’t you agree?

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Clean for just a day

Find your cleaning angel and control the dirt devil in your home

2017 is only 49 days away from today and like many, I’m making the remainder of 2016 count. Unfortunately, little trivial things do get in the way. Cleaning tops that list for me!

I was laughing so hard when I then watch Modern Family this weekend. Claire, one of the characters, was getting ready to start a new job and enlisted her entire family of 5 to clean their house. It was funny to watch them struggle like so many other families, mine included.

Some folks find cleaning relaxing. Not me, until I set up a cleaning routine. Here are some tips for setting up your own cleaning schedule:

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Why I’ll only commit to one personal appointment per day

Are you, too, over-committing to too many appointments?

When you first come to the region, you’ll notice the differences to your home country. The A/C can be set too freezing cold and you’re wearing layers to prepare for the difference in temperatures. Traffic can be challenge and you’ve learnt to anticipate the erratic driving styles of other drivers. Meetings don’t always start on time and you’re bringing some reading material to ease your weight.

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A for Appointments

How to keep track of your appointments

“We’d like to confirm your appointment.” When I first moved to the region, I found it quite odd how everyone called me to confirm our appointments. I quickly learnt that sticking to appointments was a given and just the other week, a reader asked me how to keep track of appointments. By now, I use the confirmation calls as pure reminders. But surely, there’s also a simpler way to keep track of your appointments?

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How to plan for the week ahead

Planning’s when, what, how

How often do you plan your day or your week ahead? Are you pretty relaxed and decide as you go but then noticed you haven’t achieved as much as needed? Have your friends jokingly referred to as scattered brain and given you notepads and calendars to be on time?

We all have heard about the importance of planning. Abraham Lincoln once said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” The better prepared we are for our activities, the smoother the execution and the outcome. But why don’t we plan for the week ahead?

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