Repatriation – The final journey home

In 2012, I had to make the most difficult phone call in my life. I had to inform our family friend G that her sister who lived like me in the UK had passed away.

Up to now, I remember it very clearly. Police called me on Friday evening confirming they found the sister dead in her kitchen. Our friend anticipated something was wrong since her sister didn’t answer the phone for days and was over 80 years old.

I could not call G that night and waited till the morning. G was prepared for the news which I barely spoke out. I sobbed more than G and over the next few weeks, we worked together to bring her sister home.

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Create a will

Do you have a will in place?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably avoiding this topic. Yet, it’s of such vital importance to draft. But I don’t have anything that’s worth much, you may think. A will is not only about any money, houses or jewellery. A will also protects your family, especially if you have minor children. Join me and create yours (I’ve mine in place)!

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