5 unusual benefits of living an organised life

5 unusual benefits of living an organised life

How you can benefit from being organised

Have you every heard of SYSTEM? It’s a wonderful term describing the benefits of being organised. SYSTEM stands for “saving you space, time, energy and money”. Those are 4 benefits you can enjoy when taking the time and yes, also energy to declutter and organise. We’ve collected 5 fantastic and yet unusual benefits of living an organised life:

1 Reduced stress

Many folks who started decluttering their home, office and life noticed a shift in their stress and anxiety levels. The constant search for items, whether misplaced or just not re-discoverable, can be exhausting. Imagine looking for your car keys when you’re already late. You can image how the domino effect continues by having to drive faster, potentially getting a speeding ticket or worse causing an accident, being upset when you finally arrive at your appointment. Being more organised can reduce this unnecessary stress.

Less stuff = Less mess benefits of being organised

2 No more feeling overwhelmed

Many folks feel overwhelmed by the things in their home. They don’t know where to begin and most, don’t take the first step, compounding on the feeling of it’s all too much. When you are fed up living like this and are facing the admittedly first challenge, you notice a change. The helpless is turning into taking charge.

3 Sense of control

You are no long letting your things limit you and your life. By making a decision, whether a fast or a conscious one, you determine the future of your things. Will you keep it? If so, where will you put or how will you us it? Studies have shown that organised folks also make smarter food decisions and are twice as likely to choose an apple as a snack rather than a candy bar. Being pro-active and decisive, you get into the driver’s seat of your life and become the master of your things. 

4 More productivity

Being in control, you can decide what gets on your calendar and can plan for your work ahead. Meeting deadlines is no longer a panic rush since you’ve put time aside for each task. You start to work more within your flow and notice how work is progressing more smoothly. Seeing how much you can actually achieve within your time, you feel the extra push to finish on time and spend time with your loved ones.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. benefits of being organised

5 Improved relationships

Your image amongst your colleagues and clients improves as they get more quality meeting time and work outputs from you. You can experience also better relationships with your family and friends. With a home that’s no longer cluttered, you feel open to invite guests for coffee or meals. You also find more time in your day to spend with the people who matter to you. Dana Gionta Ph.D. documented how she found more time for the activities she enjoyed when organising her life.

We understand that taking the first step to organising your home or office can be daunting. There may be so much going on and you just don’t know where to begin. If you want to experience these and many other benefits, give us a call today and find out how we can support you in making the transition to an organised life with less stress and more joy.

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