Think ahead

Think ahead till the end

“Think a step ahead!” One of my old colleagues used to say it all the time and she was extremely proud to be at least one step ahead of everyone else. Indeed, thinking ahead can have numerous advantages as colleagues, friends and I have discovered over the years.

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Why I’ll only commit to one personal appointment per day

Are you, too, over-committing to too many appointments?

When you first come to the region, you’ll notice the differences to your home country. The A/C can be set too freezing cold and you’re wearing layers to prepare for the difference in temperatures. Traffic can be challenge and you’ve learnt to anticipate the erratic driving styles of other drivers. Meetings don’t always start on time and you’re bringing some reading material to ease your weight.

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Tidy up fast! Guests are coming!

Tidy up with big results

Are you ready for the long weekend? It’s about to start and I can’t wait! We’re off to see some friends and it’s brilliant. No unexpected guests, no last minute panic and mad rush to tidy up! Like you, life during the week can be in the fast lane and keeping the house spotless may not always be my top priority (I know, it’s hard to believe but true).

If you’re expecting any visitors this weekend (or on another days), here are some tidy up tips making your home look clean within minutes.

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Make a decision!

Why are you holding off that decision?

There must be something in the air! A handful of my close friends have made or are in the process of making life changing decisions. Some of them are changing careers and starting new professional adventures. Others are moving countries and finding their feet in a new culture. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? I bet they didn’t take these decisions lightly.

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Who’s your coach?

Why you should have a coach

Have you ever worked with a coach? Noticed how much more you got done? As you know, I’m a trained coach and am providing support to various high flying clients in Dubai and the Middle East. Seeing my clients change their behaviours and making it stick or achieving that career goal that they wanted so much, it’s so rewarding!

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