Organise your closet (Part 1 declutter)

5 easy steps to decide what stays in your closet

Every year around this time of the year, it’s the same story. It’s holiday season and yet, when you look at your wardrobe, there’s nothing suitable for your trip. Whether it’s a beach holiday or trip back to see your family, your closet stares with all its clothes at you but there’s nothing to wear is in sight. Sounds familiar?

A recent client was amazed what she discovered when we organised her closet. She called it “Shopping in my own closet”. She found pieces she didn’t even remember buying in the first place and re-discovered long lost ones. You can’t imagine how happy she was after our session, being able to see in just one glance what she actually had and knowing what to coordinate with what.

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Protect yourself from the heat

Take care of yourself this summer

You may have noticed that I didn’t send out a post on Thursday or last night. After probably spending too much time outside, I got completely knocked out and spent the last few days completely knocked out on the couch. It’s a sign to write about protecting yourself this summer.

Most tips to protect yourself are common sense and yet, most people forget or ignore them. Don’t be one of them and be pro-active. Prevention is so much easier than after care! Here are my favourite tips to protect yourself and to take care of yourself this summer:

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Ready for a smooth departure

How to prepare for take off

When was the last time you got on a plane and flew away? Having only 2 neighbouring countries, chances are high that you took a flight just recently. Or are you like me and have your summer holiday still ahead of you? Whether you’re flying away for work or leisure, air travel including departures can be a pain. That doesn’t need to be! When working for one of the world’s best airlines, I’ve learnt a lot of making my departures as comfortable and hassle-free as possible!

Today, I want to share my top 5 tips for a smooth departure with you:

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Packing for the weekend away

Are you going away this weekend?

Last weekend, we spent a few days very spontaneously in Greece. It was gorgeous. Blue skies, delicious food and best of all, there wasn’t much luggage needed. We only needed a few outfits for during the day and different ones for the evening. As I was working there, I needed to bring my laptop and some documents.

I’ve had a reader asking me about tips for packing for these weekend trips and it was so timely. The beauty of weekend trips or other short trips is that you don’t need that much. There’s no reason to pack a full suitcase for yourself. But I really need this item, I hear you say. Do you really?

What do you need for a weekend away?

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Going paperless

Less paper, more time for you (and more trees)

Have a look around your home and your office. What do you see? Chances are paper, possible loads of it. At least that’s what I can see now at my home. It’s amazing how so much paper can creep into my life!

It was even funnier to hear my mother say how she’s using the rainy weather in her city to clear her files and folders. My mom is decluttering her paper! On her own! This is so awesome!

While we may not be stuck inside because of rain, we all can take 30 minutes to reduce the paper piles at home or in the office and gain control of the paper flood!

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Use your resources wisely

How to get the most with the resources you got

You’ve all heard it: “Less is more.” Especially with Ramadan being here, we will have less working hours in the day and if you’re fasting, your body will feel more exhausted quicker. Managing your resources will be vital during the Holy Month but it shouldn’t stop here.

Once the summer is over (or even before that), companies will be pushing full steam ahead and are expecting high productivity. Yet, you’re probably not getting additional team members to support your work project. How many activities will your kids enrol at school and how many will you need and/or want to attend? Your spouse may also want to spend some quality time with you alone? It sounds exhausting just writing about it.

So how do you manage your resource well and avoid being depleted by the end of the day?

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